Prepper News Update October 8


Manufacturers Blame Government for Supply Chain Problems

Tariffs, lockdowns, and other government policies contributed to and continue to exacerbate the supply chain issues, according to this article in Reason.

“The idea that an economy could be indiscriminately shut down and turned back on without far-reaching consequences, as if a light switch or lawn mower, is utterly damnable,” charges economist Peter C. Earle. “It could only come from the mind of an individual, or body of individuals, with no understanding of or consideration for the extraordinary interdependence of the productive sector.”

U.S. May Experience Winter Blackouts Due to Fuel Shortages

As we warned earlier, it’s not just the European markets that may have energy shortages and blackouts. U.S. energy producers are worried about fuel shortages and rising costs, all because of the side effects of a headlong rush to embrace green energy. Coal miners are in short supply and some mines are offering starting salaries of $100,000 to attract candidates.

When your house is cold and dark this winter, remember to thank Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, the squad, and the other liberals who attacked fossil fuels but failed to have a replacement that was ready for prime time.