Prepper News Update, October 15


Butterballs Warns of Possible Turkey Shortage for Thanksgiving

The problem is not a lack of turkeys, but a lack of people to process and ship them. One farmer who raises 60,000 turkeys per year needs 100 temporary workers to process them, but he has only seven.

Wholesale Prices Increasing Faster than CPI

Earlier in the week, we reported the CPI was up 5.4 percent. Today, we see that wholesale inflation in September was up 8.6 percent compared to last September. That means consumers will see even more inflation as manufacturers and distributors raise prices to cover their expenses.

Slow Inflation Response will Cost us

The government hopes that if we don’t discuss inflation, it will go away. It won’t and by the time they have to act, much of the damage will be done.

U.S., Israel Could Attack Iran

As Iran expresses serious doubts about continuing negotiations to reinstate the nuclear agreement that the Obama administration put in place and Trump pulled out of, Secretary of State Blinken and Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid threatened that they may have no choice but to use “other options” to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons. “I think everybody understands… what it is that we mean,” Blinken said, in some of the bluntest talk yet.

Do I expect Iran to concede? Of course not. Do I think the Biden Administration might attack Iran and start a small dustup in the Middle East to distract us from how bad things are her at home? Yes, I do because that is an old Democrat trick. Do I think it will distract us? No, I expect it will just make things worse.