A Prepping Primer: Five Basic Steps for New Preppers – Part 2

Too many beginning preppers don’t know where to start or focus on the wrong items. Learn from my experience and avoid stupid prepping mistakes.

This is part two of our series on five steps you should take to prepare. We covered steps one and two yesterday and recommend you read them first.

Step Three: Build To Three Months of Preps

Once you have completed steps one and two, your next step is to bulk up on food. I suggest you set targets: Aim to double your food supply so you have four weeks’ worth of food in your prepper pantry. Then double it again. After achieving two months of food storage, adding another month’s worth of food should be relatively easy.

Storing that much grocery store food means you will have to make things from scratch, so as you build your prepper pantry, start buying bulk bags and packs. When shopping at club stores, you can buy goods in six-packs eight-packs. We even buy ramen in a 48-pack. Then buy larger bags and boxes instead of the one-pound bags usually offered.

For example, buy flour and sugar in 25 pound bags and practice baking from scratch. Practice with bread and similar items, like rolls, flat breads, biscuits, etc. Then learn to make your own pasta and similar items like dumplings. By practicing your baking skills, you will identify things you need, from spices to yeast and baking powder, to cookware. Acquire these items now, as part of your prepping.

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A Prepping Primer: Five Basic Steps for New Preppers – Part 1

Too many beginning preppers don’t know where to start or focus on the wrong items. Learn from my experience and avoid stupid prepping mistakes.

I’ve been telling people to prep and talking preps here for 18 months, but there are still some people who want detailed instructions on what they should do. I believe that everyone’s preps should be customer tailored to their family size, their budget, their geographic location, their greatest fear, and a host of other variables. However, I’m going to work around that and present Five steps to being prepared for the end of the world as we know it.

Step One: Prepare to Survive Short-term Emergencies at Home

To start out, aim to have supplies that can support you for two weeks of disruption in your current home.

For example, nine days after Hurricane Ida roared through New Orleans, there were still 430,000 people without electricity. Your short-terms preps should be able to get you through an emergency like that. Unless you just moved to a new area, you should already know what to prepare for as many of the natural disasters recur every few years.

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New Mandates a Giant Step Forward in Government Overreach

Maybe he did it to change the narrative away from the Afghanistan withdrawal, but Biden’s new vaccine mandates are another example of executive overreach.

I was planning to write about my electric fence and the difficulty of driving an 8-foot ground rod into rocky soil, but that exciting topic is postponed because of my need to comment on the new vaccine mandates which cover all federal employees and contractors, healthcare workers, and many others.

As I have said before, I am not taking a position on whether the vaccine is good or bad. I give my readers credit for having enough sense to make up their own minds. However, I consider mandates forcing people to get vaccinated to be a huge example of government overreach, especially when they are done by executive orders rather than being passed by the legislative branch.

It’s Official

With today’s announcement, President Biden officially confirmed that he is tougher on Americans without vaccines than he is on the Taliban. Not only do they get out of jail, but the Taliban gets free automatic weapons and cool military vehicles. The unvaccinated lose their ability to make a living and may lose their seats to the big game.

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Prepare for Unrest, War and Regime Change Next Year

As food prices rise in the U.S., its worse in countries that import the majority of their food. Expect shortages and much higher prices to cause disruption in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The world is heading into some troubled times. It’s going to be worse in third-world countries, but it will affect developed countries, up to and including members of the G7. It’s going to be especially tough in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The chief driver of this trouble is going to be a shortage of food leading to rapidly rising prices. Those hit the worst will be countries with lower standards of living, where food costs can consume half of a family’s income or where the government subsidizes food. The more population in poverty or close to the line, the worse the problem will be.

If you live in the U.S., you should get prepared by setting aside some food storage. If you are an American living abroad, consider returning home in the next six months or make plans to bug out when things get bad. Citizens of other countries should also prepare; prepping is not exclusive to the United States.

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Quiet Non-Compliance For the Win

Have you ever noticed than when many people refuse to do something or use something, that something fades and loses its luster?

When 10,000 people show up and protest in a city square or outside a governor’s mansion, it makes news. When ten million people quit their jobs due vaccine mandates, it gets little coverage but makes a much bigger point.

It’s hard to ignore when cops, firefighters, and EMTs quit or sue the governor because they are required to get vaccines,. The very mandate designed to protect people is actually making them less safe by reducing the number of first responders.

In my experience, a big-city cop with five or more years of experience can get a job in an outlying suburb or smaller city relatively easily. Smaller agencies and Sheriff’s departments like someone with experience and training. But for the city to train a new officer takes at least a year, and that gives you an inexperienced rookie. Likewise, EMTs can always find work, and an experienced firefighters are in demand.

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China Cracks Down on Corporations, Freedom

he CCP’s crackdown on corporations, starting with the disappearance of Jack Ma, is unlike anything seen since the revolution.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, was the richest and arguably most successful man in China. Then he gave a speech that offended the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by criticizing state-owned banks and their regulators. He was immediately summoned to Beijing and has not been seen in public since.

China would have you believe Jack is painting, playing golf, and devoting his life to charitable works, but the short videos they released are about as believable as when the emaciated and battered hostage reads a letter telling the world his captors are treating him well.

Imagine if Donald Trump had summoned Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, to Washington and Bezos was never seen again. Think of the uproar that would ensue. (There was little or no uproar in China.) That’s the equivalent of what we are talking about with Jack Ma. That demonstrates the power that China wields over its population. It also tells you something about their government.

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We are Caught in a Death Spiral

Things have been getting worse for decades, but so slowly it is easy to ignore. Now the bad news comes faster and we cannot escape the death spiral.

In the Hemmingway novel The Sun Also Rises, Mike was asked how his money problems came about:

“How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked.

“Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually and then suddenly.”

Remember this, because if someone in ten or twenty years asks you, “How did the United States collapse?” You can answer “Slowly, and then all at once.”

The Collapsing Dollar

The value of the dollar, of what it can buy, has been collapsing for decades. You could argue it started with the creating of the Federal Reserve. The dollar has lost 96 percent of its value since the Fed’s creation in 1913, so there may be some truth to that.

I believe that set the stage for our collapse, but the trigger point happened 50 years ago when Nixon took the country off the gold standard and the value of the U.S. dollar was allowed to float. Well, “float” is the financial term; in reality, the dollar started to sink. Today, the dollar has lost 85 percent of the value it had in 1971. The only reason our head is still above water is that most of the other big economies also ditched the gold standard and because the dollar was the International reserve standard.

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Why it’s Important to Check Your Preps and Maintain Your Gear

Checking your stuff and keeping it in good condition is one of the things that separates preppers from hoarders. Don’t wait too long.

Over the years, I have had ammunition stored in cardboard sleeves corrode, #10 cans rust, elastic in stored clothing lose its stretchiness, batteries leak corrosion, pasta poke through vacuum-sealed bags, mice eat stored food, and plastic handles on buckets fail. The sad truth is that you cannot store something away and expect it to be perfect five or ten years down the road. You need to check on it occasionally to preserve your investment. This will allow you to prevent an infestation before it gets too bad, repackage something before its current container fails, or replace it if you cannot salvage it. No one wants to grab their bugout bag and have the strap break due to rot or find out that the action on their rifle is frozen just when they need it most.

If you have equipment you plan to depend on in adverse conditions, test it out at least one a year. Can you still pump up your Coleman stove or does it leak? And how long do those lantern wicks last, anyhow? Will your generator start when you need it to? Will your hand-crank grain mill still turns or do you need to buy some food-grade grease? Does your red dot still light up or are the batteries dead? Is it OK that some white granular stuff is leaking out of the crimp on your shotgun shells and the brass is tarnished? Will your seeds still germinate? When did chain sharpening files get rusty, and will they still work in that condition? How long ago did your antibiotics expire? Who used up the last of the yeast and didn’t replace it?

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Prepper Diary September 4: A Homestead Update

We face our second hurricane in two weeks, prepare for cooler temperatures and ready our bees to get through the winter.

We survived the aftermath of Hurricane Ida unscathed. It must have brushed by us, saving its anger for folks in New York and New Jersey. We got less rain and less wind than we did with Fred. The power was out for less than two hours.

There was a period of wind when there was a tremendous banging outside. I had to put on my muck boots and my poncho and head out there to batten down the hatches. The big gate to the garden and had blown open. It was slamming against the pole with every gust of wind. I latched it and added a couple of bungee cords to minimize bounce.

I am not sure whether our chickens are brave or stupid. Most of them would rather hang around outside in the rain than in their coop. As a result, I delay letting them out when it is pouring. Our four roosters are all crowing now, but have not been loud enough to wake me up. Still, the day is coming where we have to eliminate at least two of them before they kill each other.

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Prepper News Update September 4: September is the New December

Shop Now for Christmas – September is the New December

“A lot of families are not going to be able to get the toys they want” this year, according to the CEO of a toy manufacturer. As we reported yesterday in our post about looming shortages, shop now if you want to get something specific for Christmas. Otherwise, Santa may strike out. This article gives some interesting bits of news: Amazon and Home Depot are chartering their own cargo ships to bring in goods, and publishers are being affected by paper shortages, delaying some book release dates.

It’s Happening Again: Americans are Stocking Up on Toilet Paper

Thanks to Delta, retailers are once again struggling to stock enough toilet paper and paper towels, even as manufacturers ramp up, according to this article from the Wall Street Journal. Clorox says it expects to be able to keep up with demand for its popular wipes and sprays only after significantly increasing capacity.

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