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pistol brace

Rethinking my use of Arm Braces on Pistols

According to experts, it is now completely legal to dig your arm braces out of whatever hole you hid them in and put them on your pistols again.
New stabilizing braces

Get Ready To be Declared a Felon on June 1

One simple step will keep the new ATF pistol brace rule from making you a felon. You have until June 1 to take it.
pistol brace

Revised Pistol Brace Regulation Means we Face a Choice

The ATF's new regulations on pistol braces have upset many people. But it leaves owners in a quandary. Should we comply, and if so, how?
Rifle collection

If Registration Leads To Confiscation, We’re In Trouble

The ATF made news today when they admitted to collecting more than 900 million records on gun sales, a possible violation of Federal law.