Practical Christmas Gifts for the Preppers in your Life

Tired of Christmas presents that just sit on the shelf? Here are some practical, useful gifts for preppers that you can use or hold on to for an emergency.

Growing up, we had a few close family friends with kids our age.  We would visit back and forth and go on vacation together.  We were close enough to two of them to call the parents aunt and uncle even though they were not blood relations.

One year we were exchanging Christmas presents, and Uncle Carl gave me a flat, curved gift.  Before he would let me open it, he lectured me on its dangers and how important it was to use it safely so I didn’t hurt myself or someone else.  Convinced it was a bow and arrow, which was a mighty gift in the eyes of an 8-year-old, I solemnly promised to be careful.  Finally, he released the wrapped box into my possession.  I ripped through the paper, only to find it was a bow saw, not a bow and arrow.  I was crushed with disappointment.

In hindsight, this probably made a great deal of sense.  We had a wood stove in the basement and a fireplace upstairs and burned quite a bit of wood.  One of our weekend activities was to gather fire wood, either harvesting it on my grandfather’s farm or scavenging it from nearby neighborhoods where trees had fallen.

But that didn’t matter to me at the time.  I was disappointed but tried not to show it.

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