Preppers Need to Go Beyond Planning and Build Skills

Preppers plan and prepare, but that’s just the first step. Training and practice are necessary to build skills and gain experience.

We’ve probably all heard that “Proper planning prevents piss-poor performance.”  It’s true, to a certain extent, but planning is just the beginning.  It won’t get you fare without training, practice, and execution.  At some point in your prepper journey, you need to go beyond planning and build some skills.

We preppers plan a great deal.  We plan what to do for any one of a dozen emergency scenarios.  For example, we plan how to get our kids home from school if there is an emergency.  We plan how to get home from work if the cars stop running because of a solar flare or an EMP.  Our families know where to get water if the faucets run dry, because we planned for that.  And they know what to do if an earthquake strikes. 

We pack a bugout bag and plan when to bug out, but have we ever practiced bugging out?  Try it: Tell your family you have 10 minutes to bug out.  See if you can load the car and be on the road in less than 10 minutes.  Then drive to your bug out location and spend the night there.  How did it go?  Did you forget something? 

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