10 Spam Recipes for Preppers

Spam should be a staple item in your food storage pantry. Here are some fast and easy one-pan Spam recipes for preppers and Spam lovers.

I’ve written quite a bit lately about the impending meat shortages caused by the coronavirus outbreaks that have reportedly shut down up to 30 percent of the meat processing capacity across the U.S.  So what will we do when we run out of fresh or frozen meat?  We’ll eat Spam!  Here are 10 Spam recipes for preppers.

Spam Cooking Tips

A single can of Spam contains 12 ounces of Spam, and the back of the can will tell you that this is six servings and provides 180 calories (almost all of which are from fat).  In my experience, a can really serves three or four people, so peel the top off your can, stick a fork into it at a shallow angle, and gently pull the block of Spam out of its can.  Then cut it in half.  If you want four meals, cut each half into four thin pieces.  If you want three or six meals, then cut each half into three pieces.  Set aside what you are going to use or cook and refrigerate the rest.  (Once opened, Spam should always be refrigerated.)

If you need to feed more than six people on a single can, cut the span into small cubes, say a quarter to half an inch each, and mix the cubes with other ingredients, like eggs, potatoes, rice, etc. We’ll cover this in more depth below, but the point is that small pieces allow everyone to be served some Spam.

All Spam is cooked and can be eaten without heating it up, but the best way to eat Spam is to cook it until it’s a little crispy on the outside.  It’s easy to fry on a frying pan or in your mess kit pan, but you can also bake it.  If you are carefully, you can skewer it on a sharp stick and heat it over a fire.

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