The Check is in the Mail: More COVID-19 Stimulus and Masks in the Great Outdoors

The house passed yet another COVID-19 Stimulus bill which President Biden says he will sign on Friday. Think about how you will use your cash.

The new stimulus bill that passed Congress today puts a good bit of money in my pocket from actual cash to tax benefits. That’s money I can use to continue to improve our new home, build out our garden, and buy supplies, but that doesn’t mean I think the stimulus was a good idea. 

Simply put, the government needs to stop spending money it doesn’t have. We’ve been spending trillions of dollars that have to be borrowed, or created electronically by the Federal Reserve. With the national debt expected to reach $33 Trillion by the end of this year, that house of cards is going to come crashing down at some point. In the meantime, our fiat money will buy less and less. That kind of inflation is an insidious, invisible tax that nibbles away at the money in our wallets and accounts.

I’ve talked about inflation before, so I’m not going to beat a dead horse, but follow my advice and stock up on anything you might need or want before prices go higher. I also expect some desirable items to be in short supply as people use their stimulus checks and their tax returns to go on a spending spree. 

Don’t be like the government. Get as debt free as possible.

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The Best Way Preppers Should Spend their Stimulus Check

As Congress creeps closer to yet another stimulus bill, Preppers may be in for a windfall. Here are our suggestions on how to spend it.

Yesterday, I suggested you use the coming (temporary) period of exuberance and excitement after the COVID-19 nightmare draws to a close to prep. Below are some suggestions in greater detail, but because we’ve talked about food and water before, we’re going to start with the bigger preps and work backwards:

Get Out of the Cities

I think the biggest priority for any serious prepper should be to move out of an urban or suburban location and to a rural one. I’m not talking “vacation country” where people go to spend two weeks a year, but hardcore country where just about everyone owns a chainsaw, a rifle and pickup truck.

Your stimulus check won’t buy your new property, but it can cover the travel and other expenses related to a property search.

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