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.300 blackout in Magpul magazines

My Suppressor Test Gave Interesting Results

We tested our new Banish 30 suppressor with two different ammo types in two different guns and got surprising results.
The banish 30 suppressor

An Exciting Day at the Homestead

The suppressor we purchased seventeen months ago arrives and we give it a first look and a preliminary test.
Rifle with Banish 30 multi-caliber suppressor

Prepper Diary January 10: It’s Official, I bought a Suppressor

I pull the trigger on buying a suppressor. See the full details on what I bought, where, and why.
A rifle with a suppressor. Photo by Kony on Unsplash.

Prepper Diary January 8: I Decide to Buy a Suppressor

Like muscles, your rights deteriorate if not exercised, so in light of yesterday's events, I decided to do my part for freedom by buying a suppressor.