Prepper Diary January 12: How to be Prepared When you are in your Car

As the snow sets in again, we prep our vehicles to help us stay warm and well fed if we are stranded or need to walk home.

We woke up to snow today, which was unexpected.  It started with small flakes, but as the air warmed they became larger.  This is one of those snows we get because of our elevation but most of the area misses out on.  If you are ever are driving around and you see a snow-topped mountain, think of us.

There was minimal accumulation, but I was happy enough to let this delay my planned outdoor activities and spend the day working indoors, mostly more unpacking, consolidating, and moving boxes from a giant pile to a more permanent storage location. I am down to less than a dozen boxes that remain unpacked.

We had carried firewood into the house the day before, not due to any advanced planning but simply because we were running low.  I had also split enough kindling to last the better part of a week.  We have almost completely killed the second of our woodpiles.  That means that by the time we finish the stuff that is inside, we will have burned through two cords — and it is only mid-January!

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