Prepper Diary October 23: I Voted Yesterday

Lots of threats and fears about election day violence, lost ballots, miscounts and delays. I voted early to avoid those issues.

I voted yesterday. The entire process ran smoothly.  Things were calm, peaceful, and friendly.  I did not see a security guard or law enforcement officer.  Neither did I see any protesters or anyone with a malevolent look.  (Maybe it was too early for Antifa to be awake.)  Surprisingly, no one was outside handing out candidate information; I usually have to run a gauntlet of these folks.  Maybe that just happens on Election Day.

I left the house at around 10:30 a.m. and went to vote and run a few errands.  I figured I would be voting between the before-work voters and the lunch-hour voters so there would not be much of a wait. It was a good call.

My precinct normally votes at a library, but this was early voting, so there were only a limited number of places to vote.  I picked a church because even though I had never been to it, I knew the road it was on.  The parking lot was about half full.  People were walking towards the building while others were walking out and towards their cars.  Everyone had their mask on, which reminded me to grab mine.  (I can’t tell you how many times I walk up to a build without my mask and then have to go back to the car and get it.)

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