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Rail yard

Get Prepared Now for Infrastructure Failures Leading to Collapse

It's not just our food supply that is vulnerable to disruption. Our critical infrastructure is vulnerable and could isolate cities.
A pipeline

Gasoline Shortage in Eastern U.S. Another Example of Fragile Infrastructure

Last year it was COVID-19. In February it was cold weather. Today it's a ransomware attack. Why have large companies been blind to the fragility of their supply chain and the havoc problems can wreak in the marketplace
farming in the 1800s

I’m Building Infrastructure to Support My Future Food Supply

If our society collapses in a TEOTWAWKI event, we'll struggle to hang on to our remnants of modern society. Building it to last and building it now will be keys to success.
Dump trucks cross a bridge over the Mississippi River. Image by Mistyck Moon from Pixabay.

Bridges, new Bridges, Get Your Fresh Infrastructure Here

A trillion here, a trillion there; pretty soon you're talking about some real money. Money we don't have, but don't worry, you'll eventually pay for it.