Coronavirus Report July 8: Is Panic Buying Back?

Panic buying resumes in Australia, where several provinces are going back on lockdown. Will we see similar situations in the U.S. as COVID-19 continues to spread?

Yesterday, we wrote about the new lockdown in Australia. Well, the lockdown wasn’t without unintended consequences. Shelves are bare again as “Panic Buying returns as Melbourne Braces for Lengthy Lockdown.”

Are you ready for wave of panic buying in the U.S.? Have you restocked toilet paper and other essentials? How’s your stash of canned soup, spam, flour and yeast? Have you re-stocked your freezer with meat?

More importantly, are you mentally prepared for the possibility of another lockdown? Can you imagine going into the fall with the kids at home doing so-called “distance learning?” Have you done anything to better prepare yourself for being potentially locked in and locked down through the fall and winter?

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Why are you Buying Bottled Water?

I’ve been following the Wuhan Virus for months now, and I have seen no reports stating that it affects the water supply.  So why are y’all buying up all the bottled water? 

First, you’re not going to catch the coronavirus by drinking tap water.

Second, it is extremely unlikely that the infrastructure that brings us all the miracle that is clean, water pouring out of our faucets will fail due to the virus.  Even China, with more than 80,000 cases and Italy, with more than 20,000 cases, have kept the water on.  So why do people think they need to buy bottled water?

Only reason I can think of is that its habit.  When a hurricane hits, bottled water sells out, so the non-preppers, the panic-stricken folk who react at the last minute, do what they always do and buy bottled water. 

Let me give you folks a suggestions: Buy food, because no utility is going to deliver it to your kitchen. See our list of items to stock. They don’t require refrigeration and they’ll last anywhere from six months to three or more years if you don’t need to eat them right away.

I can’t help but be amused that these same folks are buying water are buying up all the frozen food.  Doesn’t it stand to reason that if the water stops flowing, the electricity is going to have been long gone?  (Let the record show that I fully expect both to stay on for the duration of this emergency.)

These are the same people who crowd the hurricane evacuation routes at the last minute and have only a quarter tank of gas.  Then they complain that all the close nearby are booked solid.

Where’s Darwin when you need him?