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Masks have become a way of life as COVID-19 sweeps across the globe.

Are you Seeing Panic In Your State?

The Pfizer vaccine may be less than 40 percent effective against the Delta variant of COVID-19. We hit 49,746 cases on July 23. Are people around you panicking, or is it just the media?
A wave

Warning: Another COVID-19 Wave Could Strike the U.S.

You can get bowled over by the wave, or you can ride it. Your choice. preparing, just in case, will help you ride it.
No Toilet paper at Walmart on 5/28/20

Coronavirus Report July 8: Is Panic Buying Back?

Panic buying resumes in Australia, where several provinces are going back on lockdown. Will we see similar situations in the U.S. as COVID-19 continues to spread?
Water Bottles

Why are you Buying Bottled Water?

I’ve been following the Wuhan Virus for months now, and I have seen no reports stating that it affects the water supply.  So why...