The Danger of Trusting YouTube Videos

I enjoy watching YouTube videos, especially those I can learn from, but too often YouTubers make mistakes and give bad advice. Use discretion.

I love to watch YouTube videos, especially vlogs and how-to videos related to homesteading, bee keeping, wood working, firewood, off-grid living, and prepping. Whenever I need to know how to do something, I’ll watch a few how-to videos. In fact, I joking call it “Going to YouTube University.”

But YouTube can be misleading. Sometimes the “talent” does not know what they are doing, sometimes they only show you the pretty parts. Worse yet, the speed through the actual hard, boring work.

For example, we just had our fifth cord of wood delivered for this year’s heating season. They spill it out of the dump trailer and it forms a wide pile of wood about 15 feet long and two feet high. I heat my house with a large wood stove, so I get large, heavy splits of wood designed to burn for hours rather than smaller campfire pieces.

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Day 53 of Quarantine: We Fall Back on TV for Entertainment

Our lives remain quiet, for which we are thankful but also looking forward to reopening. We spend our time with books, TV, YouTube and look for a new home.

It is day 53 of Quarantine and about the most exciting thing that has happened is that the wife and I broke our three-day television strike and watched all three Bad Boys movies over the past three nights, just finishing Bad Boys for Life this evening.   I couldn’t believe she had never seen the first two, but she was a good sport and watched them all.

Maybe this quarantine diary wasn’t such a hot idea because things have really slowed down to the point that not much is going on and continue reports of us taking a walk and cleaning the attic just aren’t that exciting and I refuse to make stuff up or do something wacky just so I can blog about it.

In the past week, I’ve re-read a bunch of mil-SF books by John Ringo and I’m on the fifth novel of the Jane Whitefield series by Thomas Perry, which I am also reading for the second time.  I’m watching more preparedness videos on YouTube, mostly catching up past episodes of on Gridlenessness and Living Off Grid with Jake & Nicole.  Honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of Jake and Nicole who are cute but young and learning as they go.  I’m probably way older than their target demographic so I shouldn’t complain, but  I sometimes want to yell at the screen and tell them that they are doing something or incorrectly or inefficiently.

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Five Weeks in Quarantine and the Novelty has Worn Off

On Day 36 of our life in quarantine, we’re bored, but that’s better than being anxious, frightened or in a panic. Life goes on, but it goes on slowly.

We’ve been in lockdown, our self-imposed quarantine, for more than five weeks now, and the primary emotion around here is boredom, even with our books, TV and YouTube.  I guess I should be glad that it is not depression, but it’s safe to say the novelty has worn off. 

I will admit that I am getting tired of feel-good advertisements telling me we’re all in this together and how these car brands and big stores are there for me during this difficult time.  They are offering zero percent financing because they want to “help” me.  No, they are desperately trying to move inventory.  Don’t they know we can see through their bull?

My wife and I both continue to read a great deal. Yes, I have a Kindle, but I prefer good, old fashioned paper books.  I’ve finally run out of books that I have not read before, so I ventured into the attic and pawed through the boxes of once-read books from years past and pulled out a few from Stephen Hunter, William Dietz and some old Harry Harrison Stainless Steel Rat novels that I have not read since I was a member of the Science Fiction Book Club back in the 1980s.  It will be interesting to see if I find those somewhat farfetched stories as much fun now as I did 30+ years ago.

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