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When Headlines Scream, Remain Calm

There are many loud voices in the prepper universe and the volume is increasing. Don't let the strident voices panic you. Use common sense.
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The Danger of Trusting YouTube Videos

I enjoy watching YouTube videos, especially those I can learn from, but too often YouTubers make mistakes and give bad advice. Use discretion.
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Day 53 of Quarantine: We Fall Back on TV for Entertainment

Our lives remain quiet, for which we are thankful but also looking forward to reopening. We spend our time with books, TV, YouTube and look for a new home.
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Five Weeks in Quarantine and the Novelty has Worn Off

On Day 36 of our life in quarantine, we’re bored, but that’s better than being anxious, frightened or in a panic. Life goes on, but it goes on slowly.