Day 53 of Quarantine: We Fall Back on TV for Entertainment

Real estate listings from
Real estate listings from

It is day 53 of Quarantine and about the most exciting thing that has happened is that the wife and I broke our three-day television strike and watched all three Bad Boys movies over the past three nights, just finishing Bad Boys for Life this evening.   I couldn’t believe she had never seen the first two, but she was a good sport and watched them all.

Maybe this quarantine diary wasn’t such a hot idea because things have really slowed down to the point that not much is going on and continue reports of us taking a walk and cleaning the attic just aren’t that exciting and I refuse to make stuff up or do something wacky just so I can blog about it.

In the past week, I’ve re-read a bunch of mil-SF books by John Ringo and I’m on the fifth novel of the Jane Whitefield series by Thomas Perry, which I am also reading for the second time.  I’m watching more preparedness videos on YouTube, mostly catching up past episodes of on Gridlenessness and Living Off Grid with Jake & Nicole.  Honestly, I’m getting a bit tired of Jake and Nicole who are cute but young and learning as they go.  I’m probably way older than their target demographic so I shouldn’t complain, but  I sometimes want to yell at the screen and tell them that they are doing something or incorrectly or inefficiently.

Gridlessness, however, makes we want to rush out and install a solar system of my own.  Plus, they hunt while Jake and Nicole are vegans.

I’ve also been watching some of the Warrior Poet Society videos, and was pleasantly surprised to see that John’s video on bug out bags and my blog post had some overlap.  I feel like I have met the guy somewhere, possibly at a SHOT Show or a three gun match, but maybe I just recognize the archetype.  In any case, their videos are professionally produced and he is very charismatic and authentic on camera.  Good stuff!

House Hunting

Our house hunting quest continues, albeit slowly.  We’ve been searching online, but many people are not listing properties since it’s difficult or impossible to go see them.  Every day, sends me emails that include new listing that match my saved searches, but like everything else, real estate is working at only a fraction of its prior capacity.

 Hopefully, there will be dozens of new listings once we are again able to freely move about and we can visit some of them. 

On the other hand, it may be that people who own property in more remote regions will decide to hang on to it, especially if they have bugged out there to self-isolate.

Prepping and Planning

We’re continuing to prep and plan for the worst while hoping for the best.  If you haven’t read yesterday’s article on prepping for a recession, I recommend it.  If you survive the coronavirus, you still have to face the coming recession. 

Food shortages and rising prices are here already. Expect things to get worse before they get better.

If you haven’t been keeping up, you can see the earlier episodes of our prepper’s diary in chronological order.