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An assortment of guns

Mental Illness and Mass Shootings

Why are so many school shooters and other mass shooters in a crisis or suffering from mental illness?
A MAC-10 with a silencer

The Problem isn’t Bad Guns, it’s Bad People

Mass shooting aren't caused by guns. They are caused by people. To stop them, society needs to do a better job of raising well-adjusted people.
Mental illness

How to Handle the Mentally Ill After the SHTF

After the SHTF and the drugs dry up, preppers need to be prepared to handle the criminally insane,to the mildly depressed,
A man alone on a mountain

We Should All Spend More Time Alone with Ourselves

The snow has forced us into isolation and limited what we can do. I like it.
How are you, Really

Fighting Coronavirus-Inspired Anxiety

Since the presidential press briefing last night (Tuesday, March 31, 2020), it seems that people are opening their eyes to the reality of COVID-19.  Maybe it...