Is this the Key to Happiness?

mask wearer
woman on phone wearing mask

I finished a book yesterday, something too few Americans can say.

I saw the stars last night, found the Little Dipper, saw Jupiter sinking to my west, and watched the moon as it passed the halfway point and headed towards full next week. How many can say the same?

On Thursday, I walked in and made a donation to a local nonprofit. On my way home, I delivered food to a neighbor whose wife is too ill to cook. I joked with the woman at the post office and asked someone I ran into about their kids. I kidded a friend good-naturedly and we laughed together. On the spur of the moment, I called someone up and we had lunch. When I got home, I hugged my wife and was greeted my dog who demanded I rub her belly. All simple things. All of which made me happy.

You want to know what I didn’t do? I didn’t spend any time on social media. I didn’t play any video games. These not only rot our minds, they are destroying our children. (Read this article for a lengthy list of problems caused by excessive screen time.)

It may be a good thing AI is coming; we’re raising kids incapable of working, socializing or even getting along with each other. We won’t have to worry about the machines taking over like they did in the Matrix movies. We’re already locking ourselves into pods where our only stimulation is the screen in front of us.

Published 1/18/2023. Read entire article.