Texas Mall Shooter Booted from Army for Mental Illness

The start marks the approximate location of Allen, Texas
The start marks the approximate location of Allen, Texas

Mental illness continues to be a thread that ties together mass shooters from around the country. The shooter who killed eight at an Allen, Texas, mall, a Hispanic male, was discharged from the army before he even graduated basic training for mental health issues. Because he was not given a dishonorable discharge and had apparently not been involuntarily committed, he wasn’t prohibited from buying a gun.

This shooter also fulfilled the left’s nightmares that all mass shooters are driven by racism because he had swastika tattoos and one that read “RWDS,” which stands for the “right wing death squad.”

Once again, a police officer who ran towards gunfire killed the shooter before he could do any worse damage. That officer is a hero and a reminder why you need to be armed.

The real question is why have their been so many mass shootings using assault weapons this year, and is there any corollary to the Biden Administration’s push to ban assault weapons?

Published 5/8/2023. Read full article.