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Barge traffic on the Mississippi

Supply Chain Threats Suddenly Appear

War, drought and politics once again threaten our food, energy and the supply chain, no doubt leading to more inflation.
Walmart Pasta Shelf

Testing the State of the Economy while Shopping

My most recent shopping trip shows inflation continues to rise, people are losing their jobs, and supply change problems persist.
Hurricane Ida as seen on Saturday, August 20, 2021.

Utilities Fear Lack Of Transformers As Peak Hurricane Season Looms

If your power gets knocked out by a hurricane, shortages of transformers, line, and poles could slow efforts to restore power
Rail yard

Rail Worker Strike Could Destroy Supply Chain

Supply chain SNAFU could worsen if railroad workers go on strike next week, halting all freight traffic. Prepare for significant disruptions.
Containers in a pile waiting to be shipped.

Global Supply Chain Crisis Could Emerge By Summer

when the lockdown in China ends, there will be a rush to ship goods which will result in backlogs at U.S. ports that are even worse than last year.
prepper news update

Prepper News Update for March 19

News about COVID-19, food shortages, inflation and the possibility of China invading Taiwan as soon as this fall.
man repairing a lawnmower

Should Preppers Know how to Fix Small Engines?

If the ships stop sailing, how long will you be able to keep your generator, chain saw, or other small engines running?
prepper news update

Prepper News Update, November 6

More Massive Passive Resistance Among the Unvaccinated This article reports that nearly half of employees in some critical industries remain unvaccinated, daring their employer to...

Prepper news Update November 2

The Big No Jab Resignation is Starting According to this article, a survey showed that 19 percent of employers had vaccine mandates and 5 percent...