Prepper News Update, November 6

More Massive Passive Resistance Among the Unvaccinated

This article reports that nearly half of employees in some critical industries remain unvaccinated, daring their employer to fire them. In a twist, the head of the local union says he will never vote for a Democrat again because of this, and is telling his members to follow in his footsteps.

It’s not just private organizations. Between 20 and 40 percent of the personnel working at U.S. intelligence agencies are unvaccinated as of late October, as are up to 40 percent of TSA employees. Expect flying the “friendly” skies to be even less friendly.

Where have all the Truck Drivers Gone?

The Wall Street Journal looks at why there is a shortage of truck drivers. One conclusion: Most drivers are not paid for waiting time, so as waits and delays go up, more and more drivers throw in the towel. This leads to a disparity of pay, as drivers for private fleets or big brands can make $100,000 or more a year. Since the biggest wait times are at ports, fewer truckers go to ports, contributing to the supply chain crisis.

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Prepper news Update November 2

The Big No Jab Resignation is Starting

According to this article, a survey showed that 19 percent of employers had vaccine mandates and 5 percent of employees have resigned or decide d to resignrather than get the jab. If all 5 percent are at the companies with mandates (which makes sense – why quit if they have no mandate) then those companies are going to lose 20 percent of their workforce, which is HUGE. Those numbers are also in line with what we are seeing in New York City among police, fire and sanitation workers willing to get laid off rather than vaccinated.

Corrections officers are also resigning, according to the Associated Press, leaving prisons dangerously understaffed.

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