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Hardy, waterproof work boots are a prepper's friend.

Building out a Cache in a 5-gallon Pail

I am planning to bury a couple of 5-gallon pails stuffed with supplies as an emergency cache. Check out the five categories of gear included inside.
I carried the gear up the mountain in a surplus ALICE pack

Prepping and Caching on the Homestead

I finally had a chance to place my first cache in the woods hundreds of feet above our house. I hope never to need it, but feel good it's there.
New contents for our caches

Stocking the Hidden Prepper Caches

I purchased some additional prepping supplies to add calories and trauma first aid items to our caches. We'll be hiding them soon.
Cache options

Building Caches for the Worst Case Scenario

Some caches are for bugging out. Pete is building homestead defense caches to sustain and rearm him while he fights back.