Is the Answer Bunkers or Cooperative Farms?

Underground tunnel
Is an underground bunker the best way to survive the collapse?

In this lengthy thought piece from author and social/technology commentator Douglas Rushkoff, we get a glimpse of billionaires who want to escape to the apocalypse in their high-end bunkers surrounded by retired Navy Seals as well as some who think the best way to survive is to prevent the collapse or to speed the recovery. Here is a quote about the billionaires:

They were working out what I’ve come to call the insulation equation: could they earn enough money to insulate themselves from the reality they were creating by earning money in this way? Was there any valid justification for striving to be so successful that they could simply leave the rest of us behind –apocalypse or not?

A worthwhile read, in my opinion.

Published September 4, 2022. Read the full article.