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An ultrasonic cleanser is a great way to clean dirty gun parts.

Why this is a Good Time to Stack Ammo

Ammunition is decently priced with good availability, something that may change closer to the election or if the U.S. goes to war.
Stacks of ammo cans

Running out of Ammunition

The Russians are running low on missiles. The Ukrainians are running out of artillery shells. Will you run out of rifle ammo after the SHTF?

Prepper News Update August 2

Shortages, old and new, are in the news again. You wont' believe what they predict will be the next thing that's running low.
Stacks of different calibers and brands of ammunition

We Shop 7 Gun Stores Seeking Better Prices

I've heard ammo prices are dropping and the shortage is over, but is that true? I stop by gun stores during a road trip to check it out.
Grocery store shelf picked clean. Photo by Isaiah Villar on Unsplash.

Three Reasons to Stock Up Early

Some say its never too late to start prepping, and that's generally true. But start now; there are some advantages to beating the rush.
Bottled water as far as the eye can see.

Costco Shopping Trip Shows No Sign of Inflation, Yet

I visit two stores known for low prices and I found no signs of inflation. But its there at the gas pump.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Prices are Rising, but Inflation is Only the Tip of the...

Inflation is going to be bad, but the broader economic and social disruption it can kick off are even worse. Are you prepared?
The OPSol Mini-Clip

We Test Aguila Minishells and OPSol Mini-clip in the Mossberg Shockwave

At our last day, we tested a trifecta: The Mossberg Shockwave, outfitted with the OPSol Mini-Clip, shooting the Aguila Minishells.
22LR bricks

Prepper Diary February 3: Snowbound, Like the Rest of the Northeast

While half the country is snowed in with record amounts of snowfall, someone is buying up all the ammo and driving prices up.
Stacks of different calibers and brands of ammunition

Ammo Price Inflation and Revisiting How Many Rounds You Should Store

Ammunition prices have jumped 300 to 500 percent in the past 18 or 24 months, making it harder to stock up. Here's the best way for new preppers to proceed.