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Snowy road image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay.

Snow Delights the Dog, but the Chickens Hate it

Winter finally arrives at the homestead with temperatures in the twenties and a few inches of snow. More cold is expected.
Anatolian Shepherd Sitting on a Rock

Our New Dog is Sneaky

Sometimes I wish I had a dumb dog, a dog that wasn't smart enough to be mischievous or sneaky. But I don't think that would be anywhere near as fun.
Our dog on the mountain

Prepper Diary September 4: A Homestead Update

We face our second hurricane in two weeks, prepare for cooler temperatures and ready our bees to get through the winter.
An Anatolian Shepherd breed of dog on the couch

After Two Weeks, Our Livestock Protection Dog Finally Barks

Our new dog is so quiet, there are times we forget we own her, but when necessary, she rose to the occasion with a deep bark.
Anatolian Shepherd/Kangal dog. Photo by bushido mars on Unsplash.

Prepper Diary August 15: We Get a Dog and New Bee...

Adding a good-size dog to our prepper property has been a goal of mine since Day One.
An Anatolian Shepherd, also known as a Kangal Dog.

We are Adding a New Member to our Homestead

After looking at Rottweilers and investigating a few other breeds, we have selected a large livestock guardian dog for our homestead companion.