Coronavirus Report July 3: No One Seems to Care

Social distancing is falling by the wayside as people, especially younger folks, worry less about getting COVID-19.

The U.S. continues to break coronavirus records and Florida now has more reported cases than New Jersey, yet no one seems to care.  Social distancing is being breached as often as it is being abided by.

In fact, I find it hard to care.  I sat locked inside my house for 76 days, self-quarantined for my protection, leaving only for grocery store pick-ups and the rare trip to Sam’s Club for supplies.  Today, our state is reporting twice as many cases per day as it did back on May 28 when we officially ended our personal lockdown, but I’m still going out.  Yesterday, I got my oil changed.  On Tuesday, I was at Home Depot, and it was pretty crowded. 

We still have not gone out to eat.  We’re avoiding parties and would go to a concert or play, and we’re not beach people.  We are being careful and cautious, but we’re not as worried as we once were.

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