Day 15: Saving Money During Quarantine

I start out every day with at least $40 of cash in my pocket. Thanks to the Coronavirus, I’ve unloaded the same $40 from my pocket every night for several weeks. I guess you could say it’s being quarantined.

I am definitely spending less money during this quarantine period than I would on an average week, and it’s not because people are afraid they’ll get coronavirus from cash.  It’s because I’m not leaving the house.  We’ve only purchased groceries once, filled the gas tank once, and bought takeout pizza once.  As COVID-19 increases, our spending opportunities decrease.

But generally speaking, I prefer cash over cards, and anyone with the prepper mindset should be aware of when and why to buy items with cash rather than via an electronic payment method.  Because anything electronic has a good chance of becoming part of what is known as “Big Data,” that giant database a number of companies are compiling on you, often without your awareness or permission.

Cash Provides Anonymity

If you buy alcohol, cigarettes or any other vices, you might want to consider using cash because chances are good your insurance provider either is or will one day be monitoring your health by monitoring your credit card and bank card charges and will adjust your rates accordingly.

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