Pay me in Cash: How to Survive Without a Paycheck

Apparently 30 million working-age men are managing to survive without a paycheck. Here’s how they do it and what you can learn from them.

According to this article on Yahoo News, almost one third of working-age men are not in the workforce. I guess I am one of them. But I’m not alone, that’s reportedly 30 million people, and that’s just the men.

You can read the entire article, but the author suspects these people are surviving on one or more of the following:

Unemployment insurance – Except that’s long gone for most of us.

They retired early and get a pension –Many public servants and union members can retire with a full pension and health insurance. Some pension programs allowed you to retire when your length of service and your age equal a magic number, like 75 or 80.

Disability payments – the article seemed to presume these were often fraudulent claims, but I know there are plenty of people out there who are legitimately claiming disability.

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Why Peppers Should Use Cash

The coronavirus may scare some people using cash and move us one step closed to being a cashless society, but preppers need to keep cash a viable payment methodology.

I like cash.  Yes, I have credit cards, a debit card or two, and Apple pay.  I have PayPal and a couple copycats, but for many small, daily purchases, I use cash.  I also use cash for as many prepper-related purchases as possible, and so should you.

Why should preppers use cash? Two related words: Privacy and anonymity.  Using cash allows you to avoid having every purchase becoming part of Big Data, that giant collection of data collected and analyzed by companies to identify you, your likes and dislikes, your behavior, your travel patterns and probably your next move.

For example, it’s no one’s business if I eat fast food every day or have a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit every morning for breakfast, so I pay cash for it.  If you buy lots of alcohol, cigarettes or engage in other vices, you might want to consider cash, too, because chances are good your health insurance provider either is or will one day soon be monitoring your health by monitoring your credit card and bank card charges.

Likewise, I may not want Visa, American Express or my bank to know that I shop at Bob’s Gun Store.  So I pay cash and minimize their ability to track my purchases. The same goes for buying prepping supplies.  I don’t want the government showing up to confiscate my storage food because records show I bought a year’s supply of food.  And cash keeps you anonymous to the retailer as well.  They can’t tell anyone that Joe Smith from Your Town has bought thousands of dollars of supplies and is ripe for the plucking when the balloon goes up.

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