October 3: The Best Clothing for Preppers

Preppers talk about food, water and shelter, but often forget that clothing is a key part of shelter. What should you wear after the SHTF?

What to Wear at the End of the World

Besides the food and prepping supplies I wrote about in yesterday’s post, we also retrieved five buckets and a cardboard box of clothing and footwear that had been packed away in the storage unit.

My wife and I a few light moments of fun opening up our stored clothing, which we had not laid eyes on since 2013.  Mos of mine was T-shirts, socks, and old BDUs and tactical pants.  I don’t really need the latter because in the intervening years up a new pile of “old” pants has built up, so we’re giving mine to charity.

 My wife enjoyed finding some of her shirts and plans to add a few of them back into her daily wardrobe.  She held up one pair of shorts and said, “I never liked these and I still don’t!”  Gave us a laugh.  But she did find a pair of pants that may become a “new” pair of gardening pants.

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