Things Turn Ugly

While COVID-19 data continues to improve, the rest of the news does not. If this is what the “new normal” looks like, then we’re in for a pretty ugly immediate future as politics rears its ugly head, job losses become permanent, and fears of a second wave persist.

A cluster of COIVD-19 cases in and around the White House has caused several members of the coronavirus task force and VP Pence to self-quarantine.  While the vice president’s communications director and one of President Trump’s valets have both tested positive, the president continues to test negative.

The point here is that if the White House, which likely has the highest concentration of tests as anywhere in the world, can get hit by the virus, is anywhere safe?

But as dangerous as the White House may be right now, it’s getting pretty hot for the former White House occupant as #ObamaGate trends on Twitter after news about who knew what when came out, making President Obama look like an accessory, if not fully culpable, to the shenanigans that took place before and during the transition and Russia Gate.  As formerly suppressed documents are finally released to the public, people like Obama, James Comey and Adam Schift are squirming in the hot seat as the extent of corruption and outright lies used by the FBI and senior Democrats to start and perpetuate the investigations into Russiagate become clearer.

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