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A doctor's stethoscope. Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash

Why We Flattened the Curve

Flattening the curve worked; it bought us time to understand COVID-19 and to better understand how to treat it. Don't let the higher numbers panic you.
The novel coronavirus

The COVID-19 Curve Heads Downward

As cases and deaths continue to drop despite some states reopening, the questions remains: When will the rest of the country reopen?
A doctor gives an immunization to a patient. Photo by CDC on Unsplash.

The Economics of COVID-19 vs Reopening

There’s an economic cost to keeping the country shutdown and a cost in lives if we reopen. We need to strike a balance where we can move forward without endangering vulnerable groups.
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COVID-19 Growth Rate Drops Across Most States

Reported cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. continued to hold steady with 30,000 new cases in the past 24 hours.  This is an increase...
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COVID-19 and Freedom of Choice

The battle against the coronavirus has come a long way since April 1. But has it come far enough to reopen American?
Penitentiary in Marion, Ohio

COVID-19 Growth Slows

Reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. have now exceeded three quarters of a million and there have been more than 36,000 deaths.
Chart showing drop in hospitlizations

Decrease in COVID-19 Cases Continues

The coronavirus data appears to be improving across the board as cases slow and the curve begins to slope downhill.
curve heads down

COVID-19 is in Retreat

While cases appear to be on the decline, it’s important to recognize that winning the battle is not equivalent to winning the war. The coronavirus remains a deadly enemy and if we let our guard down, it could claw its way back.
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Is the Peak Behind Us?

A drop in the number of new cases and deaths over the past 24 hours raises hope that the COVID-19 peak may be behind us.
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Some Hopeful as COVID-19 Curve may be Flattening

As the coronavirus nears what many hope is a peak, New York cases, hospital admissions and ICU admissions continue to fall while deaths remain steady at close to 600 in the past 24 hours.