Prices are Rising, but Inflation is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Inflation is going to be bad, but the broader economic and social disruption it can kick off are even worse. Are you prepared?

With some ammo manufacturing leaders stating that they are back ordered anywhere from 12 to 24 months, most shooters have admitted to themselves that high ammo prices are here to stay. About the only thing I can see that would send prices down would be the election of a Pro-Gun Republican president combined with a recession that causes commodity prices, including lead and brass, to drop.

I used to reload to save money on ammo prices. Now you can no longer get powder and primers. Even the hardware is in short supply; good luck ordering something like 9mm or .300 black out reloading dies. Even simple equipment is often back-ordered three months or more.

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Road Trip Report: Gas Shortages and Lots of Trucks

We get a good look at the Southern states, mask compliance, gasoline shortages, the economy, and eat plenty of biscuits.

In the middle of the gas shortage, we hit the road and drove down I-81 into Tennessee where we picked up I-26 and took it through both Carolinas and then got on I-95 through Georgia and into Florida where we are spending a long weekend with friends we had not seen for four or five years. The road trip itself was interesting because there was always the chance that we would get stuck somewhere without gas.

Gasoline Shortage

We strapped four 5-gallon tanks of gas on the back of my truck, loaded our gear into the backseat, and headed south and east to hook up with the Interstate. We never had to tap the tanks, but we were glad they were there as multiple stations were out of gas. It was not at all unusual to get off the highway and see three stations: One would be out of gas. One would be out of several grades but offer one or two. The third would have gas but no diesel. It was rare to see a station with all fuel grades available.

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