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A picture of gasoline selling for $4.19

Brace for Higher Gas Prices

OPEC is cutting oil production, causing the white house to throw a hissy fit, but they only have themselves to blame after Biden offended MBS.
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Demand Destruction Lowers Gasoline Consumption

While summer usually sees an uptick in gasoline consumption, this year consumption has dropped in June and July.
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President Biden Lies about Gas and Guns

Long known for exaggerating and lying, President Biden told some whoppers earlier this week while trying to promote gun control.
A woman grocery shopping.

How Often do you Stop and Think, “Wow, that’s Expensive”

Sometimes when I say that out loud at a store, it leads to a conversation with a stranger equally outraged at the rising prices.
A picture of gasoline selling for $4.19

How High is Your Personal Rate of Inflation?

You can see inflation on the sign at the gas station. You can feel it when you shop for groceries. Chances are, everything you buy is going up.
Pumping oil from the ground, Image by John R Perry from Pixabay.

Energy Prices up 49 to 60 Percent in a Year

Imagine if your grocery bill, your insurance bill, your electric bill, and all your other bills were up as much as gasoline and diesel fuel.
Energy supplies are tightening and prices rising. Photo by Chris LeBoutillier on Unsplash.

Hold on Folks, Energy Prices are Going to Soar

Natural gas shortages in the UK and Europe and coal shortages in China are not local events. They are going to drive up energy prices in the U.S.
Inflation is soaring. Image based on an image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Prices are Rising, but Inflation is Only the Tip of the...

Inflation is going to be bad, but the broader economic and social disruption it can kick off are even worse. Are you prepared?
Containers in a port

Road Trip Report: Gas Shortages and Lots of Trucks

We get a good look at the Southern states, mask compliance, gasoline shortages, the economy, and eat plenty of biscuits.