The Dirty Little Secret about Bugout Bags

Bugout bags are a great place to start your prepping, but they are just one step towards preparedness.

There’s a shocking amount of stuff being written online about bugout bags, go bags, get-out-of-Dodge (GOOD) bags, survival kits, emergency packs, etc.

Maybe it’s on our collective minds because everyone wants to bugout from quarantine, or maybe it’s simply because the coronavirus has made people concentrated on their preps.  Maybe it’s people trying to promote their gear and make some sales. 

Inherent in this discussion of bugout bags is an endless pursuit of the perfect bugout bag and the best items to go inside it.  I’m I favor of healthy debate and discussion, and it’s interesting to see what people like and espouse, but don’t let theoretical discussion distract you from the ultimate purpose, which is survival. 

Put products you have used and trust in your bags.  If you are putting a fire starter in it, make sure you know how to use it and can actually start a fire with it.  Stock your bugout bag with food you have tried and will eat and clothing that you have worn and have tested so it doesn’t blow out a seam or bind when you wear it.  Use online recommendations as a starting point, not as gospel, and test your preps.

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