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Tractors are one of many diesel-powered vehicles that are necessary to produce food on a large scale.

Farmers Win Big in Europe

Protests paid off for farmers across the European Union as the European Commission removed plans to cut agriculture pollution 30 percent.
The pursuit of green energy at the expense of fossil fuels is destroying the country.

Two Surprising Things that will Destroy the Country

Two things popular with liberals and the Biden Administration are putting the country at an economic and military disadvantage,.
Electrical power lines

Power Outage Leaves 220 Million in the Dark

Over 90 percent of Pakistan lost power earlier this weak, causing multiple problems as phones, internet, trains and even water systems also failed.
A natural gas stovetop

An Unintended Consequence of Green Policies is Higher Prices

if you have ever focused on one outcome so intently you missed the obvious, then you have experienced the problem with the Green New Deal and our politicians.