The Importance of Independence Day

It is important that everyone who is or wishes to become an American Citizen recognizes the importance of Independence Day, the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4. 1776.

For those who went to public schools or snoozed through history, that is the historic document the 13 Colonies used to outline the “history of repeated injuries and usurpations” of the British King and to declare their independence from the British Crown,  stating “that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved.”

If you call Independence Day the Fourth of July, you miss the point.  That’s like celebrating December 25th instead of wishing someone a Merry Christmas.

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Coronavirus Report July 4: Celebrate Safely

Many pundits consider the long holiday weekend a critical juncture for the spread of the coronavirus.  They point back to the many Memorial Day gatherings (while ignoring the impact of protests in spreading the virus) which preceded the current jump in cases.  In fairness, broad reopening appears to be more to blame than Memorial Day.

Some cities and municipalities have canceled their formal celebrations, but they cannot stop people from celebrating.  Have fun, America, but celebrate safely!

By the Numbers

There were 52,700 new cases of coronavirus in the U.S. in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to  2,812,500, an increase of 1.9 percent.  50,000 cases per day appears to be the new norm.  Deaths remained surprisingly low, increasing by 583 to 129,408. 

Globally, cases jumped in excess of 200,000, surpassing the 11 million mark.  Total cases are now 11.124 million, up 218,000 from yesterday.  There were fewer than 4,000 new deaths reported due to COVID-19, bringing the global total to 526,003.