Will 2021 be Happy or Horrible? Our Predictions for the New Year and Beyond

2020 was a bad year, but will the future be better, or more of the same? We share our predictions for 2021 and the near future, and some might surprise you.

Happy New Year!

While many are happy to see the calendar leave 2020 behind us, I have doubts that 2021 is going to be any better than 2020.  Here are some of my projections for 2021 and in some cases beyond it:

  • COVID-19 will not go away and will result in an even great dichotomy in the U.S. as proof of vaccination will become required to access certain services and locations.  There will be new lockdowns, more emergency measures, new laws, and more court cases.  Wearing masks will be required through 2021 despite a lack of proof that they do any good outside a medical setting.
  • The rich will keep getting richer, but there will be more economic upheaval for the middle class on down.  More people will be hungry and more will be homeless. 
  • The political divide will grow worse, not better.  Biden will have no clear mandate and will face opposition at every turn.  Taxes will be raised but the rich and big corporations will still find loopholes. Deficits will continue to rise.  Congress will get little done.  The 2022 election will see Republicans take over both the house and the Senate, and then even less will get done.
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