Using the Ryobi Inverter for Stop-Gap Emergency Power

It’s small. It’s not very powerful, but the price was right. This mini-inverter adds another layer in our preps.

I just took advantage of “Ryobi Days Deal” offer at Home Depot and bought two of their 18-volt rechargeable batteries for $99. As my free “tool” that came with the promotion, I ordered the Ryobi inverter, Like the entire line of their battery powered tools, is powered by a Ryobi One+ battery.

After this purchase arrives, I will have six of their batteries, four of which will be 4-amp hour batteries, and two smaller batteries that do not last as long.

The Inverter

The Ryobi inverter is a small thing with two USB ports and a single 120-volt AC outlet that can provide a maximum of 150 watts. In the inverter world, this is tiny. Don’t expect it to power your refrigerator, or even your toaster oven, but it can power a light, a radio, and charge anything with a USB charger. One of the 4-amp hour batteries will charge your average cell phone six times and run a floor lamp with an LED lightbulb for hours. It will also charge up the 18650 batteries in our rechargeable flashlights, lanterns, headlamps and weapon lights.

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