Lessons from the Past as COVID-19’s Second Wave Strikes

As the second wave of COVID-19 sweeps across the U.S. and Europe, what can we learn from the second wave of the Spanish Flu?

November 16 COVID-19 Report

The surge in COVID-19 cases continues to grow as the coronavirus makes inroads across the northern hemisphere.  U.S. and European numbers hit records last week, and U.S. hospitalizations due to COVID-19 climbed to 69,987.

Here is a look at the 20 countries with the highest number of cases, including their rate of case growth since last week:

COVID-19 data for the week ending 11/16/20
COVID-19 cases for the 20 countries with the most cases in the week ending 11/16/20. Data from Johns Hopkins.

Interestingly, Russia and France switched places in this week’s table of countries with the most cases as France has managed to cut the number of reported case rather dramatically.  The UK, Mexico, Iran, and Belgium all moved up a slot.  Both Italy and Mexico surpassed one million cases, bringing the total number of countries with in excess of one million cases to eleven.  Germany jumped two spots and looks poised to break the one million barrier in the next week.  The Ukraine soared three spots.

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