Book Review: “Fall of the Cities: Planting the Orchard” by Vance Huxley

On a blah, indoor day, I start reading a piece of dystopian future prepper lit in which the cities are dying due to a lack of gasoline. Not a bad way to spend the day.

It was a quiet day with snow, rain and freezing rain.  I accomplished two things: I hung curtain rods for my wife’s draperies and I read about half of Fall of the Cities: Planting the Orchard by Vance Huxley.

The drapes, in case you were wondering, looked great.

A Bit About the Book

I got the book through a free link on Twitter a few weeks ago and downloaded to my tablet.  I assume it was free because the author wants me to buy the other five books in the series.  It was not given to me in exchange for this review, and is available for free to anyone who has Kindle Unlimited.

The first chapter had some formatting glitches, probably a problem with the ebook software, and for a little while, I thought, “Gee, this book is worth every penny I paid for it… meaning nothing.”  But the problems disappeared by Chapter 2 and what started out as the story of a British soldier in Kuwait turned into a survival book directed related to urban survival.  Now you’ve got my attention!

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