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COVID-19 test

Rapid COVID-19 Growth Results in Scary Numbers on Halloween

As the U.S. approaches 100,000 cases per day and the world closes in on 600,000, it is clear the virus is spreading faster and faster.
Products purchased at Sam's Club

A Sam’s Club Report as Panic Buying Begins Again

With five more days until Election Day and a potential coronavirus-inspired lockdown in the future, we visit Sam’s Club to see what is in stock.
homeless man

Unemployment, Homelessness and Economic Uncertainty to Continue into 2021

As government-mandated rent deferrals and mortgage deferrals expire, tens of millions could face eviction early next year.
snowy mountain cabin

Get Prepared for a Long, Cold, Lonely Winter

The combination of cold, snowy weather and rising cases of COVID-19 could make for a cold, lonely winter with no holiday visits.

Prepper Diary October 27: I Almost Get my Ass Kicked by...

Sometimes what looked like a simple chore throws you a curve ball.
Coronavirus quarantine sign. Photo by Timo Hartikainen on Unsplash

October 26: Coronavirus Growth Spirals Out of Control

France, Italy, Germany and the UK are all seeing COVID-19 cases grow by 20 percent or more each week. That's a growth rate four times that of the U.S.
Man with gas mask and gun in a wasteland

The Preppers Quandary: How Long Will TEOTWAWKI Last?

If we were to be hit with a SHTF situation, like a systemic collapse of society, how long would it take before a recovery, and how long would your preps need to last?
The novel coronavirus

Runaway COVID-19 Cases Soar to New Record

New coronavirus cases are erupting across the United States and Europe, where cases have doubled in the past week. Rates of infection are now five times higher than they were in the spring.
I voted stickers

Prepper Diary October 23: I Voted Yesterday

Lots of threats and fears about election day violence, lost ballots, miscounts and delays. I voted early to avoid those issues.

Coronavirus Sets New Records with Unfettered Growth

Coronavirus is back to setting records, with Germany reporting more cases than ever before, as are Hungry, Poland, and Romania.  Rising cases across Europe...