The Chicks and Bees are on their Way!

Beehives and chicken coop
Beehives and chicken coop, waiting for their occupants.

I received an email from the hatchery that our order of chickens has shipped. I set our brooder up so we are ready and waiting for them. The brooder is a huge dog crate. We will use it without the top until the show signs of flying out, and then we’ll put the top on it. Once they reach four weeks, we’ll move them into the coop.

Our chicken coop is almost complete. The exterior panels are on and all I have to do is set up the hinges and latches on the access doors and set up the chicken door and ladder on the end.

I am also picking up one of my beehives today. I am getting the other two on Friday. (The mystery is solved, and it looks like I am getting three hives and not four.) As you can see in the image up top, all three hives are ready and waiting for their bees.

Rain is in the forecast, but hopefully there will be a break in the showers in which I can re-hive the bees, moving them from their nuc into the full hive. I know they will need the larger space.

This weekend it promises to be warmer and sunnier, good bee flying weather. I expect to finish the chicken coop and hope to get started on fencing this weekend.

Busy day folks, so that’s all for now.