Breaking News: Prepper Food Company Augason Farms Halts Shipments


A stunning article over at The Organic Prepper reports that Auguson Farms is halting sales for 90 days due to supply chain problems. Auguson is one of the leading suppliers of dehydrated and freeze dried foods to the prepping community. I have a few of their #10 cans on my shelf.

The full letter from their president can be seen here, but here’s a quote from it:

“The lasting effect of COVID-19 has translated into global raw material shortages and caused substantial delays in our procurement and production processes. Regrettably, BCG cannot fulfill your orders on time; therefore, this letter communicates our decision to suspend business for the next 90 days, effective immediately.”

When I visited their website, every product was out of stock and a notice at the top of the page said:

We are currently not able to receive any orders through our web site. All orders previously placed will still be shipped. Augason Farms Products are still available through other national sales channels both on line and in-store and also through other reputable on-line vendors. We expect to turn this site back on just as soon as possible.

Supply Chain Issues Strike Again

They do not specify if it is a shortage of food or a shortage of #10 cans or plastic buckets that is causing them to halt production. It could be either or a combination.

This is pure speculation on my part, but I cannot help but wonder if some government entity bought 90 days worth of production from them. I know that the government has purchased high volumes of MREs and foods in #10 cans after disasters like Hurricane Katrina, but I have never hear of this happening before an emergency.

My guess (again, just speculation) is that when their products go back on sale, prices will be noticeably higher and they will have less variety. To streamline production and sourcing, they will likely concentrate on the most popular sizes and products.

If you have a particular favorite item from Auguson Farms, I suggest you search for it online and buy it now. You may not see it again for months. I do note that there seem to be numerous examples of their products for sale on leading marketplaces, but they will sell out quickly of the company is not shipping new products.