Is the WEF Trying to Kill us?

World Economic Forum logo. Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash.
World Economic Forum logo. Photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash.

There are people out there that will tell you the World Economic Foundation wants to reduce humanity’s “footprint” by reducing population through any means necessary, including starvation, disease, and war, by 2030. Sounds outrageous, doesn’t it? But when you look at what has happened over the past two years, examine at the WEF’s proposals, and listen to their talking points, their arguments become more difficult to refute.

My question as a prepper is: If that is the case, should we fight against this socialist takeover of our state, federal, and global governing bodies that might result in the death of millions? Or should we simply protect ourselves to ensure we are still alive when the big die-off is over? Given my age, I’ve decided I’ll use my vote but leave any fighting to younger folks. Instead, I’ll concentrate on protecting me and mine. Maybe that’s selfish, but prepping is ultimately about protecting yourself and your family while the world around you collapses.

How will I try to stay alive? By being prepared, being as self-sufficient as possible, and by keeping a low profile. I’m going to do my best to be the gray man and avoid attracting attention to my little mountainside retreat.

When the time comes for the government to confiscate food, people with 13 hens and a few hives of honeybees are going to be pretty far down their list. Plus, they will have to go through many others to get to me.

Revolutions Kill but Socialism Slaughters

Let’s keep in mind that every revolution results in some deaths, but large-scale socialist, communist, or fascist takeover have resulted in millions of deaths. When Chairman Mao and the communists took over China, their so-called Great Leap Forward resulted in the starvation of 30 to 45 million people.

Using food as a method of control or as a weapon is nothing new in Russia. Tens of millions died from starvation when the communist took over the country and took control of agriculture. The collective system never worked efficiently and led to tens of millions of deaths in the 1930s.

You could also compare the WFE to the Nazi part in Germany. They took power by convincing people they had a solution to Germany’s problems, much as the WEF is trying to convince us they have a solution to the world’s problems. Not only did the Nazis kill more than 6 million Jews, they invaded their neighbors, leading to World War II and another 50 million deaths.

In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge killed close to 25 percent of the population. Imagine what it would look like if the government executed one in every four people you know, beat them to death, or put them into forced camps. That will give you an idea of what happened in Cambodia.

How many lives will a global socialist takeover by the WEF and their cabal of elitist cronies cost? Billions, apparently. Not only don’t the elitists care, they consider those deaths to be a feature, not a bug in their plans.

Leveraging Pandemics

Using the threat of disease allowed governments to crack down on their populations like never before, and for the most part, their citizens not only tolerated it but accepted it. In some cases, they even demanded it. (Think of people who refused to take off their masks when they lifted the mandates.) Under the guise of “keeping us safe,” governments around the world halted economic activity, locked up people who had committed no crime, and submitted hundreds of millions to injections that may cause health problems in the future.

China has taken this to the greatest extreme, proving that it is possible to lock 400 million people in their homes and deprive them of food with minimal outcry or pushback. No doubt the WEF is delighted. Total control is here, at least in China.

Leveraging War

Now there is a war in Europe. We look at the destruction of Mariupol, the mass graves, the millions of refugees from Ukraine, and think “what a tragedy.” Someone else is thinking, “what an opportunity.” It’s not just companies like Raytheon and Lockheed who will make billions replenishing our armories who will benefit from war. If the war ends without a nuclear disaster, there will be contracts for rebuilding Ukraine, money spent sheltering refugees, steel and concrete to be sold, new facilities to be constructed, factories to be outfitted, and businesses to be rebuilt. Each contract will represent an opportunity for companies to make money and multiple individuals to skim some of it.

In the meantime, the war is yet another excuse to control people, take away their food, reduce their access to energy, and drive up their costs. With refugees, it takes away their homes and their way of life, casting them adrift on the rest of Europe. At this rate, it won’t be long before everyone but the very rich will be dependent on the government for their very survival. This, of course, is what the people who run the governments–either visibly or from behind the scenes–want: a dependent, pliable populace that does not want its freedom.

What can We Do?

That last sentence gives you a clue how to fight back:

  • Stay as independent and self-sufficient as possible. Try to operate outside the system. That means have some way to generate an income off the books. Instead of counting on truckers, have a way to produce at least some of your own food or source it locally from like-minded folks. Build a network of others who think the same way and trade labor amongst yourselves. They have not yet found a way to make helping a friend a taxable event.
  • Don’t be pliable. Think for yourself. There may be times when you have to appear to bend with their demands, but you can go on believing whatever and acting however you want. Think of all the Christians over the years that have been forced to practice their religion in secret because an oppressive government has outlawed their religion. That’s the kind of secret resistance you need to practice. When the government wants you to believe only what they tell you, parrot it back when necessary, but don’t buy into it. Teach your kids to think for themselves, or homeschool them using text books at least 30 years old.
  • Practice your individual rights and freedoms. Own guns and shoot occasionally. Go to the church of your choice. When a police officer asks if they can search your car, tell them no. If arrested, insist on a jury of your peers. Spend time in the great outdoors, working in the dirt or taking care of animals. Most importantly, ignore the TV, stay off social media, and don’t let government propaganda dictate how you should think or feel. Google “list of best books.” Pick a list that appeals to you and read them instead of watching TV or surfing social media.


All this is predicated, of course, on surviving the purge the elites seem to be planning. If you get killed in a war, caught up in a riot, die of a fentanyl overdose, or collapse due to heart failure brought on by a government-approved injection, you won’t have a chance to be free and independent. Maybe you’ll rest easy knowing your death helped the Great Reset, because you won’t consume resources, eat meat, or contribute to climate change. But me? I’d rather stay alive.

You can see what is coming if you pay attention. If the government runs exercises on cyberwar, expect the chances of a cyberwar to increase. If experts talk about a fertilizer shortage and a potential food crisis, buy food. None of these things happen overnight. For example, China stopped exporting fertilizer in mid-2021. We even had several months warning prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. If you pay attention, you can prepare for what others may think is “unexpected.”

Last week, the German government told their citizens to prepare and to have at least 10 days’ worth of food and water on hand. While parts of the global elite are trying to create disasters, some well-meaning bureaucrats are out of that loop and still do their jobs, warning the populace to prepare. They don’t come right out and say “prepare for World War III” because it would panic people.

Ten days’ worth of food? Well, I guess that’s better than nothing.

Is the WEF Trying to Kill us?


  1. “Think of people who refused to take off their masks when they lifted the mandates” … I’m sorry, you trust the US government on *this* instance of telling us that everything is fine? It blows my mind that people advocating for self-sufficiency refuse to use all the tools at their disposal because of political “slant”. I’m happy to make my survival that much easier by not getting sick unnecessarily, not to mention avoiding having my face in a recognition algorithm dataset. Consider it.

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