Wave of Earthquakes Kills Thousands in Turkey

The aftermath of a 7.8 earthquake in Turkey.
The aftermath of a 7.8 earthquake in Turkey.

Have you seen the footage of buildings in Turkey collapsing as a result of Monday’s earthquakes? It’s a good reminder why building codes are so important.

It should also a remind you disaster can strike without warning. While you are worried about Chinese balloons, Russian nukes, or the next pandemic, an earthquake can bring down the building in which you work or live or leave you stranded miles from home. There are other disasters that strike out of the blue, like tornadoes that rip towns apart in the middle of the night or volcanoes that spew lava and poison gas. You need to be prepared for anything.

I encourage you to be prepared for man-made disasters, but let’s not forget Mother Nature can kill you just as easily and with less advance notice. A meteor strike, a tsunami, the Yosemite caldera, or the worst earthquake a country has experienced in 100 years. Those are also why we prep.

As long as you don’t take a direct hit, your stored food, water, shelter, weapons, communications devices and medical supplies will help you survive the aftermath as well as the event itself.

Be safe.

Video of the Day

This is a compilation of cell phone and other video from on the scene. In some cases, the damage looks worse than war-torn cities in Ukraine.