A Mile-long Line for Free Food

Produce in a grocery store.
We are in the middle of a food crisis.

This article warns of a lack not of food, but of money for people to buy food as 32 states cut their SNAP benefits, also known as food stamps, on March 1. This cut back is kicking in after inflation, meaning people can afford less than ever.

We live in a poor (oops, I mean economically depressed) section of the country, and in one of my volunteer positions, I come face-to-face with poverty. Every time I recommend stockpiling food, I think about the people who can’t afford enough for now, not to mention for the future.

If you’ve got some cans on your shelf you can do without, consider making a donation to your local church or other organization that donates food to those in need. For those that can, keep stockpiling. You never know when fortunes may change and you are the one in need of food.

Published 3/4/2023. Read full article.


  1. Lost all sympathy at “ As they puffed on cigarettes and their oxygen machines chirped with each breath”

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