Prep for your Feet — Good Footwear is Critical for Preppers

I like to think of footwear a shelter for my feet. My boots should keep my feet warm, dry and protected, just like my house.

We went to the town Wednesday. Because it’s close to an hour one way, we usually make a day of it and run all our errands at once. Yesterday was no exception.

The highlight of my day was buying a pair of Danner boots with Vibram soles, as pictured above. I wish the boots were waterproof, but otherwise I am very happy with them. I tried on four pairs of boots from three different brands, and these were the best fit by far. I’ll wear these walking, hiking our mountain, and about the homestead when I am doing tasks that don’t require a safety toe or a muck boot. But first, I’ll wear them around the house for a couple weeks to break them in.

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