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A homestead girl with goats

Before you Start Homesteading, Try This

Before you live your dream and invest in a homestead you should make sure you can handle one of the least popular chores.
Soles pulled off my boots

When Shoe Sole Blows Out, Shoe Goo to the Rescue

Just when I thought I was prepared regarding footwear, the soles peeled off my old hiking boots. Will Shoe Goo do the repair?
Black tactical boots worn in the woods.

Beyond the Basics: What You Should be Stockpiling Now

When you are prepping for the long term, you need to go beyond food, water, self-dense, and medical. Footwear is one good example.
Danner Boots

Prep for your Feet — Good Footwear is Critical for Preppers

I like to think of footwear a shelter for my feet. My boots should keep my feet warm, dry and protected, just like my house.