How to Survive in a Failed State

There are signs that the U.S. is heading towards and economic collapse which could result in the U.S. becoming a failed state. Are you prepper for that?

Over the past two days I’ve written about how to handle the beginning stages of an economic collapse. Some of the early signs are shortages of goods and a degradation in services, such as police, fire and EMS.

Other signs of an impending or ongoing economic collapse include too much debt, depreciation of currency including inflation or hyperinflation, a stock market collapse, defaulting on sovereign debt, sharply higher unemployment and poverty, an increase in corruption, and growing political repression leading to an autocracy or even a dictatorship.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide if we’re there, on our way there, or nowhere close. I believe we are heading there, but have not yet reached the precipice.

When there is an economic collapse, three things can happen: The country call pull itself out of the collapse, like the U.S. did after the Great depression; the collapse can linger in some ugly nether region where things are bad but people adapt to it, somewhat like life in Cuba; or the collapse can cause a failed state, meaning the collapse of its currency and its government.

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