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Power generation plant

Electric Utilities Can’t Keep up with Surging Demand

So many data centers are being built or are in the planning stages that we could see a surge in electrical demand beyond what the utilities can produce.
Electric meter

Big Chance of Power Outages as Heat Rises

Two-thirds of Americans could suffer from blackouts this summer as extreme heat challenges the under-powered U.S. electrical grid.
One man amongst devastation

Can you Survive the First Year?

How well are you prepped? Pete discusses three things you must be prepared to survive for a country-wide or global calamity.
Electrical power lines

Texas Power Grid Threatened by High Temps

Extreme heat in Texas is expected to send electricity demand to record highs by the end of the week.
A tank lost in the Ukrainian War

Ukraine War Grows Fiercer, More Likely to Spread

The Ukrainian War seems to have started small and grown over time. This latest counteroffensive by Ukraine may be the ultimate battle, or war could spread.
A candle in the dark

How to Survive When the Grid Fails for Good

We outline five steps you should take when the grid goes down and tell you how to tell how serious a sudden power outage may be,