Are we seeing the Beginning of the End?

Sometimes I get a bad feeling, like the air before a thunderstorm. Something ugly is headed our way. Or is it here already?

When I look around, I have to wonder if we as a country have peaked. It sure seems like we are on a downwards slide and I can’t help but wonder if we are coming close to collapsing into a third world country: Here’s the latest evidence:

  • We can’t keep hackers from attacking our pipelines.
  • It’s been reported that most of the western states could experience blackouts this summer because of an inability to produce enough electricity to meet their needs on a hot day. The article says “Nevada, Utah and Colorado could be short of power during hundreds of hours this year, or the equivalent of 34 days. Arizona and New Mexico could be short for enough hours to total 17 days”
  • Our government is becoming more and more totalitarian, forcing business to close, people to wear masks and coercing many to get vaccines they don’t want. What happened to freedom? What happened to liberty?
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Unemployment, Homelessness and Economic Uncertainty to Continue into 2021

As government-mandated rent deferrals and mortgage deferrals expire, tens of millions could face eviction early next year.

While many worry about violence after Election Day, a concern the recent riots in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington have done nothing to calm, there is another time bomb ticking that has nothing to do with the election: Unpaid rent.

While the media has been worrying about COVID-19 cases, they have neglected to talk about the problem affecting far more people: layoffs, furloughs, and unemployment.  The impact losing your job can have on people’s lives is hard to underestimate and in times of high unemployment rates can lead to  homelessness.  In the long run, the crumbling of our economy may do far more harm to the lives of the younger generations than catching the coronavirus, in part because a loss of income often leads to a loss of housing.  And being homeless can become a spiral that is difficult to climb out of.

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