Loose Lips Sink Ships; Knowing When to Say Nothing

While there are no U-boats out there, someone may be looking to torpedo you. Knowing when to say nothing and keep a low profile can help protect you.

Yesterday, I wrote about our new neighbors who talked about their prepping plans within five minutes of meeting them. While I welcome other preppers to the neighborhood, I think they should have said nothing.

If you tell people you are a prepper, a few things could happen:

  • People will think you are a little loony. While prepping has moved further into the mainstream than ever before, a majority of the population still thinks it is a bit crazy.
  • You could set yourself up for being burglarized. Why? Because people think preppers have guns and gold.
  • If the you-know-what hits the fan, people who have heard you are a prepper are going to be coming to you when they run out of food. Some of them may knock and as nicely. Others may come in the middle of the night and kick your door in. Are you prepared for that?
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