How to Visit Prepping and Other Websites Without Leaving Tracks

We have the First Amendment right to free speech, but it also appears that we have the thought police straight from George Orwell’s 1984. Take some steps to protect yourself.

Given the current political climate and culture, you may be worried that visiting prepping websites, firearm-related web sites, or other websites with a conservative bent may come back to haunt you in your personal or professional lives.  I’m going to give you some ways to increase your online privacy and keep others from learning your browsing history.

When you visit a website, there are multiple parties that know you have been there, including:

  • You and anyone who can access your computer’s history.  (If you surf from work, you can be sure your employer or IT department knows or can instantly find out.)
  • Possibly your browser and its provider, such as Google
  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as your cable company or in the case of your phone, your wireless carrier.
  • The website you visit.
  • The website’s host or server farm, who likely has your visit recorded in their logs
  • Google, Bing or another other search engine that directed you there as well as any other website that had a link you clicked on to visit it.
  • Any advertisers on the site, or re-marketing companies that use what are called third-party tracking cookies.  This likely include Google and Facebook.

To protect yourself, you need to stop or block every one of these parties. Below are some suggestions on how to block them.

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August 27 Diary – Our Move Grows A Step Closer

We are getting closer to moving to our perfect prepper home by upgrading it and making cosmetic improvements to our existing home prior to selling it.

We’re taking steps towards putting our current house on the market by doing small things like installing new carpet in the basement (in actuality, turning what was our prep storage room into a game room) and power washing the exterior.  I may have to do some interior painting in the basement as well.  These are largely primarily cosmetic changes that may not boost the price but will give the buyer one less thing to complain about. 

We expect to start meeting with realtors after Labor Day to see who we want to represent us as a seller agent.

Our hopes of being fully moved into our perfect prepper property by the election day are closer to being realized.  Even if we don’t make it, in two months we’ll be in a position where we can bug out to the new house and comfortably spend weeks or months there.  I intend to vote early and then get out of town a few days before the election. I see the election as a potential flash point, so this is just a precaution.

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