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at a cost under $6.50, this headlamp was a bargain.

Winter Storm, High Winds Arrive with a Vengeance

Its been on the news for days before it finally manifested, the winter had such high winds I consider it to have been a blizzard. And it's not over yet.
man in gas mask

Quick Updates and Some Thoughts on Burning Issues

Am I the only one who feel like multiple issues are coming to a head? They say Joe Biden has had a bad week, but he could be leading the country into an even worse time.
A mountain snowstorm

Viral Storm Ignored in Face of a Serious Snow Storm

This area is getting whacked by Omicron, but people are busy preparing for a major snowstorm threatening to hit our mountain community.
Roughly a cord of firewood stacked to dry

Prepper Diary January 16: Preparing for the Storm

More winter weather is headed our way as the blizzard that struck the Midwest travels east, promising snow and plunging temperatures.